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Earlier this month, Universal Orlando opened their 6th onsite hotel with the new, Aventura Hotel. The hotel takes a modern, and sleek design it’s a different type of hotel for Universal Orlando, Loews Hotels and for theme park hotels in general. It focuses on technology, modern design and stylish food and atmosphere more than taking you to a far off destination.

Universal Parks and Resorts Chairman and CEO, Tom Williams and Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch were on hand for the opening and special media preview of Aventura Hotel, and explained why it’s such an important piece in the Universal Orlando puzzle.

Video-Watch the grand opening ceremony of Aventura Hotel


Loews Hotels and Universal Orlando have made a really amazing partnership, and have worked on transporting their guests to exciting destinations through the resorts, or transport them back in time, or even made them feel like a rock star. While none of that applies at Universal’s Aventura Hotel, it does something that no other theme park hotels have done yet, and that’s to put everything in the hands of the guests. Using special technology to control just about every aspect of the room, Aventura makes the stay all yours.

While the hotel doesn’t transport you to an exotic location like the Caribbean, or the South Pacific, it does take your breath away. The hotel itself if very sleek, and has a very industrial feel to it. There are no lush decorations on the wall, and the rooms do not utilize bright vibrant colors. While it may sound kind of drab, and boring, that’s far from the case. The hotel itself takes the spotlight, as the floor to ceiling windows in most of the rooms give some of the best and most jaw dropping decorations you can get. The city of Orlando takes center stage, and Aventura gives guests a birds eye view of everything.




Aventura is a very important piece to the puzzle, as it opens up the fact that you can get modern luxury and gourmet surroundings at a very important mid-price tier level. It is also likely the last Universal on-site hotel to be built “on campus”, with the next two hotels being built off the immediate surrounding grounds of Universal Orlando. Aventura joins Cabana Bay as a “Prime Value” hotel, where guests can get early access to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for an hour before park opening, and shuttle buses to and from the parks.

The new tiers will grow next year with Universal’s Endless Summer Resort, as that resort becomes the fourth hotel tier, as a “Value” Resort.

We will have tons more from Universal’s Aventura Hotel, so please stay tuned!

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