Video-The rooms and technology of Universal Orlando’s new Aventura Hotel


Loews Hotels have a reputation for being some of the most comfortable and unique hotels in the world. Together with Universal Orlando, they have built a reputation for luxury and relaxation. However, withe opening of Aventura Hotel at Universal Orlando, Loews hopes to push the envelope with something that you normally don’t think of with a vacation stay, and that’s technology.

Aventura Hotel brings a new level with technology of all forms, completely integrated into each of their rooms. We take a look at the standard rooms in the first video below, with an explanation of the way the room is integrated completely into the iPad.

Video-Check out the standard rooms, and technology of Aventura

Lights, television, and even things like room service are all controlled from the in-room iPad. The innovation makes it a sure fire hit for the younger generations, with technology dripping from every corner. There’s bluetooth speakers, and controlled lights, as well as plenty of plugs for all of your devices. The designers thought of just about everything for the tech savvy.

But what about those who aren’t so technologically advanced? The controls and explanations are simple enough that just about everyone can figure it out rather quickly.

But what about the rooms themselves? There are three types of rooms in the hotel-The Standard, the Deluxe and the two bedroom Kids Suite. Of course, there are different levels of rooms, such as the King rooms and the Skyline rooms. Both offer the same thing as the others, the only thing that changes are the sizes of the beds and of course the view, with the Skyline giving the best views on the highest floors.
The cool thing about each room is that they are built to flow with the building. The hotel has a unique footprint, which it uses fully to it’s advantage in shaping the rooms. The rooms seem to all be focused on the windows, which all offer amazing views.

Video-Take a tour of the Deluxe Rooms at Aventura Hotel


Aventura also offers two room Kids suites, that provide a great place for the kids to hang out and play, while mom and dad get some much needed down time.

Video-Take a tour of the Kids Suites at Universal’s Aventura Hotel


While we can’t attest to the comfort levels of the rooms, (we haven’t actually stayed there yet) Aventura does offer some of the most unique rooms on property to date, with the amazing floor to ceiling glass windows, and everything built around that.

Slideshow-Check out more pics from Universal’s Aventura Hotel!

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Naturally, part of the appeal to staying onsite at Universal Orlando are the benefits. Besides being a very unique hotel, with the Loews Hotels signature comfort, they offer several different benefits for Universal that you only get by staying onsite. Like all the other hotels, you get early entry into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and free bus transportation to and from the parks.

Are you ready for your next vacation yet?

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