Aquatica San Antonio dropping Ihu’s Breakaway Falls for 2019


Are you ready to drop in to Aquatica San Antonio? In 2019, SeaWorld’s waterpark will be adding the new thrill ride, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. The new attraction will have riders standing on Breakaway boxes, as the floor drops away and send them into a free fall before sliding down enclosed tubes.

This is not the first time Ihu’s Breakaway Falls has dropped in. The ride originally made its debut at SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica in 2014.

Video-Go for a quick ride on Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

There were no details released on the Texas version, but the Orlando version is 80 feet tall, and drops riders 80 degrees for a free fall experience of over 40 feet. There are three breakaway boxes, and one slide that allows guests to foregoing the drop, and push themselves over the edge.

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