Freeform announces 31 days of Halloween with Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas Celebrations!



FreeForm is taking their normal 13 nights of Halloween and flipping it around a bit with 31 Nights of Halloween! We love some Halloween movies, and it looks like FreeForm is going all in with tons of programming, including some scarier flicks that aren’t normally in the line up.

The biggest news is that they are going to celebrate both, The Nightmare Before Christmas AND Hocus Pocus, with multiple showings of both! If that wasn’t good enough, there’s going to be a flat out Hocus Pocus Marathon on October 31st! Get your spellbooks ready!

There will be a different movie every night 8 and 9pm,  but the schedule will run pretty much around the clock.

Here’s the 31 nights schedule:


Yeah, there are some slid in there that aren’t exactly HALLOWEEN (I’m looking at you FROZEN), but they’re still fun. There’s even a Walt Disney World Special mixed into the line up, with “Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic”.

Check out the full line up here, and Happy Halloween!