How Solo Should Have Ended nails all the issues with the new Star Wars Films


I loved the new Star Wars Story: Solo, I think I was one of the few, based on the box office. But, it was a rather pointless entry into the Dtar Wars franchise, and the release of it just six months after The Last Jedi had many feeling fatigued. And I just want to throw it out that I didn’t like Last Jedi, but it is what it is.

So, now comes the fiends at How it Should Have Ended and their rendition of Solo. And they nail it.

Video-Nailing It

Yeah, most Star Wars movies have giant plot holes but they’re fun and love the story forward. While I thought Solo was fun, it doesn’t move anything forward. It fills in gaps about things that we didn’t really need (or want) filled in, and much like Rogue One tries to cash in on our love for the original films. And like HISHE said, I’m just tired.

Last week, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger said that they’d be slowing down on the Star Wars movies. They won’t stop, and that’s fine but slowing down is a good thing. Let’s not stop at slowing down, let’s also look at the stories that we WANT to see. Star Wars fandom has become very toxic, and if Disney wants to keep making money on Star Wars, they’re going to have to figure out a happy medium between finding something that satisfies fans and goes to new places.

For starters, choose where the story does a mix up a little more widely. Changing things up is a fine thing to do. Reinvent the franchise, but not in the middle of an established storyline that pretty much throws away everything you spent a whole movie setting up.

Next, be more selective about the stories you tell with beloved characters. Movies like Obi Wan or Yoda will not move the Star Wars universe forward in anyway, but they can still be a lot of fun. The problem with Solo is that the filmmakers and studio was way too preoccupied with making it fit right before A New Hope, that they crammed a lot of stuff in without thinking things through. Han and Chewie are iconic characters, let’s build on their history. Lando is an iconic character, let’s see more of his adventures. In fact, I’m really hoping for a Solo sequel, for no other reason than to see more adventures and more fun with Lando. The Millennium Falcon and Lando we’re so brushed over that it felt a lot was left out.

And there’s the biggest issue with all of the Star Wars spinoffs so far, they’re rushed and sandwich everything in just to try and do service to fans. We don’t need all of that. If you want to do a movie about Han Solo’s early years, take your time with the story. Let’s explore things that have nothing to do with the other movies. Let’s see some kick ass adventures with Han, Lando and Chewie swindling people, being somewhat heroic and jockeying the Falcon back and forth between owners.

And give us more than six months between movies. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, let us miss you a little. Don’t worry, if you do good we’ll still give you all our money.

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