Can’t stop the feeling! Get a first look inside the Trolls Experience NYC


In the human city of New York, the people there race around like rats, hustling and bustling away. They go from place to place, in a constant stream of busy, always looking ahead and never stopping to see what the flowers are saying. Nestled away in New York, there’s a place where the magic of dance, hair and fun comes to life, and it’s an experience that you’ll soon get to see for yourself. Until then, let us take you on a magical journey, and show you just a bit of the experience that awaits.

The Troll Experience is coming soon to New York City, like really soon! We had the chance to take a first look at the new experience, and go on a behind the scenes tour of the new experience before it’s even finished and opened to the public. The new experience is produced by Feld Entertainment, in conjunction with Dreamworks Animation, and Universal Studios Entertainment.


Based on the hit Dreamworks movie, Trolls, the experience is a first time collaboration with Feld Entertainment and Universal. It will take guests inside the Troll village, where they’ll shrink down to Troll size, and get to participate in tons of Troll activities. They’ll also get to participate in Princess Poppy’s Best Day Ever Party, where they’ll dance, hug and play.



The experience is completely interactive, and designed by Feld and Universal to get guests completely involved. Once you cross over into the experience, you’re completely in the world of Trolls, and can play in several different experiences. There’s the Caterbus, which is the length of an actual school bus. Kids can play, climb in it, and collect confetti and glitter to exchange for a special gift.

There’s also Branch’s musical mashup, which will give guests the chance to interact with the entire area to make music. Guests work together to create different songs, and bring it all together.

There’s plenty of photo opportunities with the troll characters as well, with tons of static figures, and walk around characters. There’s even a Princess Poppy Meet and Greet where guests can see Poppy in her Best Day Ever.

There will be two different add on experiences, the scrapbook and the “Hair in the Air” experience. Both are in addition to the price of admission.

The area will be filled with picture opportunities, so what better way to remember your “Best Day Ever” than with a scrapbook. You can purchase your scrapbook at the after party area, and fill it with tons of mementos and pictures.

The “Hair in the Air” experience will transform guests into Trolls. Guests will get a Deluxe makeup design – a “full-face” makeup application by a professional makeup artist.There will also be a premium “Troll Hair” wig of your favorite DreamWorks Trolls character: Poppy, Branch, or Guy Diamond.



The Trolls Experience is built on the spirit and feeling from the Trolls film and TV specials, so it was created with that same type of experience in mind. The entire experience uses loads of technology, and special effects to bring the world of Trolls to life in a whirlwind of sound, light and touch. The experience uses over 200 years of “faux fur” to bring the hair and textures of Trolls to life.

The centerpiece of the Trolls Experience is, of course, the 3D Dance Party. Here you’ll get to play and interact with Trolls characters in a brand new screen experience brought to life by 3D Live, the company behind the Mass Effect: New Earth attraction at California’s Great America. The Trolls Dance Party uses the same huge screen, and rear lit LED effects that Mass Effect does to create a realistic and engaging experience that makes you feel like you’re actually dancing with the Trolls.

Want to see it in action? Check out the full Dance party!

Video-Dance along with Trolls in New York City

The Trolls Experience features timed entry slots. Essentially, you book your time before you go. This helps to create a better experience for guests by keeping the crowd levels down. You can book your tickets and your packages on line at

Check out even more from Trolls NYC in our gallery below!

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The experience will be complete with a cafe, with cupcakes and sweets provided by local New York bakers from City Bakery and Chef Maury Reuben. The food will also reflect the personalities of the trolls, with wild colors and flavors.

The Trolls Experience is the feels like the first step in bringing smaller, and still entertaining attractions outside of the theme parks for Feld and Universal. It feels like a step in the right direction, and could lead to bigger things down the road, with other experiences popping up in different cities.

The Trolls Experience will open for previews on Wednesday October 24th (tomorrow!) and will have it’s grand opening November 15th. Tickets are now on sale, and start at $25 dollars.

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For more information about The Trolls Experience NYC, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!