Nifflers spotted in Diagon Alley, plus new “Fantastic Beasts” wands coming soon to Universal Parks





I don’t know about you, but one of the coolest things about the new Fantastic Beasts movies are…of course…the Fantastic Beasts. The magical creatures that they have in the movies are enough to make anyone giddy with the thoughts of getting their own to take home. Ah, if that was only possible…right? Did you know that you can purchase your own magical creatures and Fantastic Beasts  from Universal Orlando? The Magical Menagerie is the best spot to get plush versions of your favorite Harry Potter beasts. And now you can even get creatures from Fantastic Beasts, including the one that started the whole mess, The Niffler.



Nifflers are amazing creatures that resemble Platypus in nature, only they don’t have duckbills or flat tails. Instead they have a deep pouch that can fit an unbelievable amount of items, which makes the Nifflers very mischievous. They love to stuff their pouches with shiny and valuable objects. They are drawn to them, and because of this they are often assigned to curse breakers  by the Gringots Head Goblin to search out for hidden treasures in cursed sites.  

Despite their reputation for being mischievous, they are also known to be very affectionate, which is why they are now available at Magical Menagerie at Universal Orlando in Diagon Alley.



There is a small amount of Fantastic Beasts merchandise available now at Universal Orlando, mostly involving Nifflers and magical creatures. You can get Nifflers, baby Nifflers and even Niffler shirts.

You may also be able to get new wands from the film as well, including that of legendary Alchemist, Nicholas Flamel. Plus, you’ll be able to get Dumbledores ORIGINAL wand.


Many people think of the Elderwand when they think Dumbledores wand, but he had a wand BEFORE he won the Elderwand from Grindlewald. That’s it at the bottom. No matter what you think of Dumbledore, you gotta admit…he’s got style.



In addition to Dumbledore’s Wand, you’ll also be able to get the wands of Nicholas Flamel, and others. Flamel’s is the third wand from the left, with that odd bit of horn that kind of resembles a flame.

According to rumors, you’ll be able to purchase those wands later this fall when the films come out, which makes it perfect for any Harry Potter fan’s collection.

If that wasn’t enough Harry Potter, or Fantastic Beasts, there’s rumor that the new unnamed coaster will actually be a “Care of Magical Creatures” class, and you’ll come face to face with tons of legendary creatures from the films.

Are you ready for your own Magical Creature?


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