Construction begins on Turtle Reef at SeaWorld San Antonio


SeaWorld San Antonio is getting ready for a massive 2019, with the addition of Turtle Reef. The new area will combine an underwater viewing area of sea turtles as well as a family area with two new attractions. We have a brief, but thorough look at construction in the area, which has started in the past few days, thanks to Howl.Orca on Instagram.

While the new sea turtle attraction will be an underwater viewing area, unlike SeaWorld Orlando, the underwater viewing area will be above ground. In the pic above, you can get a great look at how the park is going to accomplish that.


A support structure is going up, with walls that will eventually become glass. The area will have viewing on all four sides as well as above it of the sea turtles. It will give guests a great opportunity to look at the animals that have been rescued and also learn more about the rehabilitation efforts of the park.


The Turtle Reef area will also have two flat rides that will be built, both of which have areas being cleared for them. The two rides are a pendulum ride and a spinning sea rescue boat, and will both be perfect for families.

If you want to see some amazing pictures of SeaWorld San Antonio’s animals up close, be sure to check out Howl.Orca for tons of great looks.


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