Disney’s Hall of Presidents reminds us the importance of voting on Election Day


When it comes to the subject of politics, I like to take the stance of Linus from Charlie Brown. “There’s three things you don’t discuss with people, Religion, Politics, and The Great Pumpkin”. As being, don’t come into this article with me expecting, or trying to find me picking a side. But sides aside, you can’t deny that there is some major issues with the country today. People on both ends of the spectrum are arguing that their side is right, and the other is wrong. That’s why today is the perfect day to revisit one of Disney’s greatest achievements, The Hall of Presidents.

The Hall of Presidents was built at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and has become a symbol of not only patriotism, but also of the very thing that America itself stands for. Freedom, change, and the people. For those not familiar with the Hall of Presidents, it’s best described as a living wax museum. The show brings all of the Nation’s presidents to life, and tells the story of America. As America changes, so does the show. The latest iteration of the show opened in 2017, after President Trump took office.

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In the show, the story revolves around the changes and difficulties of the presidency, and that of the American People. And unexpectedly, the best message comes from the speech of President Trump.

“Above all, to be American is to be an optimist — to believe that we can always do better — and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us,”

And that brings me to Election Day. No matter if you like the people in office, or don’t your voice is today. You have the chance to bring about change, and have your voice heard. We’re not telling you who to vote for at all. That’s your choice, but like the Hall of Presidents show, America changes with the needs and difficulties of our people. Today is your day to make that change happen.


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