Draw back the Steel Curtain to get a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers themed roller coaster from Kennywood


The Steelers are an institution in Pennsylvania, and people go nuts when they play. In summer of 2019, guests can pull back the “Steel Curtain” and ride the coaster that was inspired by the legacy of the 1970’s Steelers team that coined the nickname “Steel Curtain” because of their impenetrable defense. Today, we got the first look at the ride train from the new ride coming to Kennywood park in 2019.

The ride is emblazoned in black and yellow, and has 33 plastered on the front. 1933 was the year that the Steelers were founded, in case you were wondering. The coaster will pay tribute to the team and the heritage of the Steelers. The coaster, along with a full themed area will open at Kennywood in 2019. The new coaster will stand at 220 feet tall, will feature the tallest inversion at 197 feet, and will reach speeds of up to 75 mph. The new coaster seats are shaped like footballs, with the laces out.