Great Coasters International unveils first wooden dueling inverted coaster!


Sometimes you need to see things in action to believe them. Other times, just a look is enough to inspire awe. That’s the case with the all new look at a concept from Great Coasters International. The company unveiled it’s latest concept at IAAPA 2018, with the first ever dueling hybrid coaster, with inversions.

The coaster will NOT be going to Busch Gardens Tampa, and it’s not a replacement for Gwazi. There is a plan for the concept, but the folks over at Great Coasters International are very tight lipped, naturally. The new coaster will take riders head to head in a battle through several near misses, and inversions.

This is the first hybrid dueling coaster ever, and who ever gets the coaster will have a record breaker on their hands. The coaster will feature elements not possible on a traditional wooden coaster, and will bring guests face to face with elements like dueling drops, near misses, and what looks like a dueling barrel roll. We can’t wait to see this thing in person!

Are you excited to hear more from this new coaster?

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