Is Rock n Roller Coaster getting a retheme?



Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller Coaster is a legendary machine, and one that really seems like it’s days are numbered. The coaster made it’s debut in 1999, with the legendary rock band Aerosmith. The band is now pretty much…well, retired. They are on their final leg of their farewell tour now. Let’s not forget the fact that the attraction is fairly aged.

Yesterday there was an article in the New York Times that gave new details on several new things coming to Disney Parks. 

Well, we missed something HUGE that was sitting there in front of us.

Number 5. Re-themed Roller Coaster (overhauled) is Rock n Roller Coaster, starring Aerosmith. We saw it after the article and thought about running something on it, but Disney came out in other articles and said that the coaster will not be rethemed, and that the paper made a mistake.

Did it though?

It appears, yes they made a mistake, because Rock n Roller Coaster in Paris is getting a retheme to Avengers.

But, what if they weren’t wrong? What if Rock n Roller Coaster were to get a retheme? What would it be? It honestly seems like time is not on the side of Aerosmith, and that a retheme is inevitable. But what could it be rethemed to? We’ve lined up four rumors, some of them not really rumors but ideas.

  • Mickey and Friends: The biggest rumor of the past few years is that it would be rethemed to Mickey and friends, and have the Fab Four (Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy…not the other fab four)sing some of the biggest rock hits. That’s not a terrible idea. The music could be licensed really easily, and they have Mickey and the gang already.
  • Revolving Radio Disney: The other rumor is to have the music continuously change, as you still enter G-Force Records, but have different bands come in and record music. You can have a variety of different groups come through, and each group do something different. Radio Disney isn’t that big a of thing too much anymore, but that was one idea that was being kicked around in the past
  • Something else: One other rumor is, of course, a complete and total overhaul of the attraction that would involve a different theme completely. A new adventure, with new characters that we haven’t seen in the park before.
  • Legendary Tour: Here’s something completely different. Aerosmith stays, but they refilm their pieces with new technology, for a brand new preshow. Yes, they’re older now. And as rockers get older, they become legends. The band has embarked on their final tour, after all. What if Disney makes it a tour that never ends, and calls it their “Legendary Tour”, with some of Aerosmith’s friends. New Music mixes, new vocals, new effects. This would surely last the attraction another 20 years.

While Disney has quelled the uprising of removing or retheming Rock n Roller Coaster, and while I would hate to see anything that takes the legendary band away from it, time is definitely not on it’s side. Hopefully we get a few more years out of the coaster before it gets completely overhauled.


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