Sally Dark Rides unveils massive Big Bird animatronic for new PortAventura Sesame Street Ride!


Tuesday at IAAPA, the mystery was revealed, as Sally Corporation, Sesame Workshop and PortAventura unveiled the massive new Big Bird Animatronic for the huge new Sesame Street Dark Ride coming to PoartAventura’s all new kids area. The new ride will be the first Sesame Street based attraction in Europe, and will incorporate several characters from the series.

The new ride will also be amazingly long, with ten minutes of preshow and over five minutes of actual ride time. The new ride will have Detective Grover as our guide, taking us through the mystery of Sesame Street. The new ride will be housed in a brand new 14,000 theater built for the occasion. The ride will mix animatronics and screens for a completely immersive experience.

“This partnership with the internationally recognized global leader in children’s education and entertainment Sesame Workshop, along with the collaboration with Sally Corporation, as a dark ride specialist will contribute to create an attraction that will be unique experience within the range of the family entertainment offer.” – Fernando Aldecoa, General Director of PortAventura World.

“Theme parks are one of the most powerful ways for children and families to engage and connect with their favorite characters. Our partner PortAventura World, one of the top regional theme park resorts in Europe, has done an amazing job along with Sally Corporation, in capturing the true essence of the Sesame Street brand and creating an immersive experience that brings our characters to life for park guests.” – Ed Wells, Senior Vice President and Head of International Media and Education, Sesame Workshop.

Sesame Street unique dark ride features:

  • Show length over 15 minutes long (10 minute preshow, 5:50 minute ride experience)
  • 8 projection screens including : 4, projection-mapped screens on dimensional sets with practical target integration.  Ninety-degree curved screen with animatronic and show element synching. One hundred eighty-degree curved, fully immersive screens allow guests to fly through  Count’s Castle and dive down into Oscar’s Trash can. Hall of Fame scoreboard
  • Over 2,000 clues/targets (virtual and practical)


The new attraction will open at PortAventura in 2019.


Want to see more? Check out the full reveal in the player below!


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