The Countdown to Avengers 4 is on, and it’s taking forever



We don’t have a title for Avengers 4, we don’t have a trailer for Avengers 4, but now we have a countdown clock to the opening of the new movie. The official Marvel website has launched a countdown clock to the next film. And it currently sits at over 175 days. UGH!

Avengers 4 is one of the most hotly anticipated films of 2019, and will hopefully bring the Avengers story that was started with Infinity War to a close. The rumors and theories about the new film run rampant, with the ideas stretching through time travel, the Quantum Realm and much more. Fans have been waiting for more from the Avengers, dissecting every little picture, hint and thought that comes from Marvel, the movies directors or even the stars of the film.

The countdown clock is maddening because it reminds us just how far away May 3rd, 2019 really is.

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