Tributes to Stan Lee pop up at Universal Orlando’s Spider-Man Ride


Greetings True Believers. It’s been a week since we lost Stan Lee, the man who helped to bring so many different characters and worlds to life in the Marvel Universe. One of the biggest living legacies to Stan’s work and dreams stands at Marvel Super Hero Island. The entire Island is teeming with Marvel Superheroes, and villains, and it also helps to bring the world of Marvel to life in ways that we haven’t seen before or since.

Over the weekend, tributes to the fallen Generalissimo have popped up in one of his favorite characters rides, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. What started as just a few little pictures left on Peter Parker’s Desk in the queue has turned into a full on shrine at the front of the ride.

Fans have been leaving mementos and flowers behind in tribute to Stan Lee, who passed away last week at the age of 95.

Pictures of Lee with Spider-man have also been put up on the front desk as well. It’s a touching tribute to a man who touched so many imaginations.

And that’s what was the most important thing about Stan Lee, his creations, Marvel Comics and his legacy. He truly touched our imaginations. While some have come out and said that Lee had created “kids books”, the themes and worlds of Marvel comics have and still to this day touch on so many different levels in the real world. From racism, and tragedy, to overcoming obstacles. The stories of these comics have inspired billions to strive to be better, and to overcome their massive obstacles. It’s something that the world needs more of these days, since we have so many people telling us how horrible things are. We need more heroes to show us that no matter how horrible things are, we can stand up and become the shining beacon that helps the world get through the darkness, if even in just our own lives.

That’s the real reason why Stan Lee will be missed.

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