Watch Disney Fireworks live without the crowd!


Just before noon, Walt Disney World’s official Twitter account announced that they were at capacity, and would not be letting people into Magic Kingdom. The crowds began pouring in for the annual New Year’s Eve Fireworks, a tradition that always sees huge crowds, and tops capacity levels early in the day. If you want to put it into perspective, the Magic Kingdom can hold roughly about 100,000 people before the fire marshal is called in.

So, how do you get to see fireworks at Magic Kingdom, without being in the Magic Kingdom? You can sit outside of the park at one of the three onsite hotels, especially at The Polynesian Resort, just directly across the Seven Seas Lagoon from Magic Kingdom. The outdoor porch at Trader Sam’s and the docks make for prime fireworks locations. If you were lucky enough to book reservations at California Grill, you can use their viewing area, right on top of the Contemporary Resort. You can even see fireworks from the Grand Floridian restaurants and boat docks. However, all those are bound to be expensive and crowded as New Years Eve is arguably the busiest day of the year at Walt Disney World.

So, how do you see what is some of the best fireworks in the world, from one of the most magical places on earth? If you were savvy enough to think about it, then you could have seen them on December 30th, as Magic Kingdom celebrated New Year’s Eve early. If not, well, you’re still in luck.

Disney Parks Blog is live streaming the massive fireworks show live on their YouTube Channel. You can watch it below:

The fireworks show will start at 11:45 p.m. EST and will last about 15 minutes as the fireworks countdown the new year. Along with Times Square, Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve is definitely something that everyone needs to do once in their lifetime. But if this year isn’t your year, then you’re covered!

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