Disneyland raises ticket prices ahead of Star Wars opening


If you want to visit a land far, far, away, it’s going to cost a you quite, a bit, more. Disneyland is scheduled to open Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge sometime in June, but today prices for daily tickets, annual passes, and even parking has jumped up in preparation for what will surely be a massive increase in guests.

Unlike Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland has not gone to tiered pricing. Tiered pricing allows the Florida parks to charge by how busy the parks are expected to be on any given day. Disneyland does have three tiers, but that is based on the expected crowd levels in certain time frame of the year.

So, just how much did the prices go up? Let’s take a look.

Day tickets

1 Day, 1 Park VALUE$97$104
1 Day Park Hopper VALUE$147$154
1 Day, 1 Park REGULAR$117$129
1 Day Park Hopper REGULAR$167$179
1 Day, 1 Park PEAK$135$149
1 Day Park Hopper PEAK$185$199
2 Days, 1 Park/Day$210$225
2 Days Park Hopper$260$280
3 Days, 1 Park/Day$280$300
3 Days Park Hopper$330$355
4 Days, 1 Park/Day$305$325
4 Days Park Hopper$355$380
5 Days, 1 Park/Day$320$340
5 Days Park Hopper$370$395

Annual Passes

Annual Pass20182019
Signature Plus$1149$1399

Alright, so some thoughts here. The daily tickets haven’t gone up a whole lot, with the biggest jump being around $15 dollars for some of the peak park hopper passes. Where the massive jumps take place are on the annual passes. The two bottom tier annual passes, with the most blackout dates have modest jumps of about $30 dollars for the select and $20 dollars for the Deluxe. The Signature pass jumps up $150 dollars, the Signature Plus $250 dollars and the Premier gets a massive $370 price increase. That’s a huge jump, but then again as you go up in prices, you get less and less blackout dates.

The price of parking also jumped up to $25 dollars from $20. Hourly parking at Downtown Disney also made a little jump, from $12 dollars and hour to $14. The rules for validation still remain the same, however. MaxPass, Disney’s front of the line system went up from $10 dollars a day per person to $15 dollars, an increase of 50% while the annual Max Pass went from $75 to $100 dollars.

If you are looking to save money, Disneyland still has ticket discounts in effect for Southern California Residents and Military Members, but many of those will expire or not be valid once Galaxy’s Edge opens.

Disney is expecting Galaxy’s Edge to be a massive draw to the park, and they are banking on huge crowds this summer. Will the increase in prices really push back the demand? We’re not betting on it.

With the increase in California, you can pretty much bank on an increase in Florida happening very soon, and probably with a similar price structure. It also would not be surprising to see Walt Disney World try to lessen the blow of increased annual pass prices by instituting park specific blackout dates like Disneyland and California Adventure has. Those parks have different blackout dates, based on projected crowd levels. We could see different blackout dates for each of the four parks, with Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios obviously having the most. But, that’s just speculation and may not happen at all.

Will the increase in ticket prices keep you away, or are you readying your lightsaber for Galaxy’s Edge?

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