First teaser trailer for Ghostbusters 3 has hit!


Holy hell! That was fast! Just over 12 hours ago we got the first word that Jason Reitman would be directing a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2. Today we have a teaser trailer, which leads us to believe that the movie is further along!

We get a look at a creepy barn, with ectoplasm hanging off the fence and we hear the score from the original 1984 movie as a proton pack fires up and has beams out of it. We also get a glimpse of Ecto 1 under the tarp. It’s nothing to go on, but it sure is awesome. It definitely raises a whole ton of questions and peaks our interest a lot more.

Summer 2020 is the tentative date, and we don’t have any idea where the original cast is or what we can expect from them. We just know next summer can’t get here fast enough.

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