New video boasts more about Lightning McQueen Racing Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


The all new Lightning McQueen Racing Academy is opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on March 31st. We still don’t know what it’s going to be, other than something new from the world of the Cars films. To get you more hyped up for the attraction, Walt Disney World has released a new video featuring the creative director of the Cars franchise, Jay Wars to talk about the new attraction…but not really tell you anything about it.

So you’re going to get to meet Lightning McQueen in a new experience. It’s going to be a new theater type experience and will feature action, and allow Disney to tell more of the Cars story. That’s all we know.

I’m still betting on a VR based attraction, but it could be as simple as watching a movie on moving seats with a Lightning McQueen Car in a theater. I guess we’ll find out more as March 31st gets closer.

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