Grover’s Box Car Derby opens February 23rd at SeaWorld San Antonio


Today, SeaWorld San Antonio announced that the family coaster, Grover’s Box Car Derby will be opening on February 23rd when the park opens for 2019.

We predicted the move when it was announced. The park posted a brief picture of the new coaster car. The track and layout will be the same, as well as the track colors.

The only sad thing here is that the Shamu Express is no longer open at any park in the country. They all have been or will be converted to a Sesame Street themed coaster. The final one at SeaWorld Orlando will also be Grover when Sesame Street land opens this Spring.

SeaWorld San Antonio is kicking off one their biggest years yet with Grover, plus the all new Turtle Reef and Ihu’s Breakaway Falls.

Meanwhile, if you have a child under five years old, you can sign up for the free Preschool Pass.

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