Annabelle Comes Home trailer promises more creepy doll action than you can handle


The Annabelle franchise is a strange one. It started out as a spinoff from a creepy doll in the “Conjuring” films, and took on a life of her own. The first film was okay, while the second was a leaps and bounds better, but still creating a world that didn’t make much sense. Now, thanks to Wondercon, we get a first look at the next chapter in the demonic doll franchise, and it’s a true Conjuring film.

I love the Conjuring films, and this one seems more of a Conjuring 3 than Annabelle 3. There’s so much going on in that trailer, that it took a few times to take it all in. We’re definitely going to get the continuation of the story that left off in Annabelle: Creation, and we’re also going to get more adventures with The Warrens, who may or may not have battled the things that they do in the films. The one thing, however, is that it makes for some truly unnerving and fun films.

Annabelle Comes Home opens in Theaters on June 28th, just a week after the new Child’s Play remake.

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