Aquatica San Anotonio drops Ihu’s Breakaway Falls as the tallest drop slide in Texas


Last weekend, Aquatica San Antonio opened for the 2019 season and with it came the tallest, multi-slide drop tower in Texas. Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is a collection of three fear defying slides that take guests up to the highest point in Aquatica San Antonio, and drops them through twists and turns before splashing down.

We had the chance to check out the new slide ourselves.

Video-Check out a look at the new Ihu’s Breakaway Falls at SeaWorld San Antonio

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls has three different ride types. You stand in a “breakaway box” that has you suspended over open air, with water rushing, and a heartbeat pulsing around you. Once you get the countdown, you have just a moment to see across from you as your friends get dropped into nothing.

Of course, if you don’t want to take the drop, but still want the high speed thrills, there’s another slide that allows you to push yourself off. It’s still just as intense, but without the anticipation and anxiety of the Breakaway Box.

Slideshow: Check out even more pics from Ihu’s Breakaway Falls at SeaWorld San Antonio

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is the first new attraction to open this year in the United States, and it’s only the first new attraction to open of many at SeaWorld San Antonio. The park will open three new attractions later this year when Turtle Reef debuts with underwater viewing, and two new family thrill rides.

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