Behind the scenes of Florida’s Tallest Launch Coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa


It looms over the horizon like the skeletal remains of some great beast. Later this month, Tigris will roar to life and the tallest launch coaster in Florida will be born. We had the chance to go behind the scenes last month of the new coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa, and learn a little more about what to expect when the coaster opens.

Video-Go Behind the Scenes of the new Tigris at Busch Gardens Tampa

Tigris is far from a one of a kind for SeaWorld Parks. The coaster is a Skyrocket from Premier Rides, and is the same type of coaster as Steel Eel at SeaWorld San Diego and Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s any less special. Busch Gardens Tampa is working with the area and the tight footprint of the new coaster to make it a unique experience.

The coaster will feature a unique tiger theme, and the ride will also feature the Busch Gardens signature conservation message, which will teach guests more about Tigers and what they can do to help. One of the big things that guests can do to help is to buy merchandise from the gift shop, as proceeds from Tigris merchandise will go to conservation efforts around the world to help tigers.

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