Busch Gardens Tampa will have #2020Rising with new Gwazi Coaster


Busch Gardens Tampa is right in the middle of it’s 60th Anniversary, with a huge celebration, fireworks, and pin trading. They’re also rocketing into the future with Tigris, the park’s newest coaster for 2019. But in 2020, something else is rising…and it’s going to be the biggest we’ve seen from the park yet.

Gwazi is getting a Rocky Mountain Construction Makeover. We don’t have many details, but what we do have is from this video that was shown at the 60th event.

Video-Live the past records of Busch Gardens Tampa and look to the future

We don’t have a name, we don’t have exact stats, but what we do have is amazing. The new coaster is going to be the tallest hybrid coaster in North America. It’s going to have the steepest drop, and be the fastest hybrid in the world. So let’s break that down.

Right now, Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point is the World’s Tallest, fastest, longest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world. It is 205 feet tall, hits 74 mph and has a 90 degree drop.

The new Gwazi (not the final name) will be taller than 205 feet, will go faster than 74 mph, and will have a drop steeper than 90 degrees. It will also keep some key elements from Gwazi, which we can only hope means the near misses. That’s going to be pretty impressive.

We’ll have more details released later this year, and will have more BGT 60 later tonight!

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