SeaWorld Orlando announces opening date for Sesame Street!


Are you ready to walk on one of the most legendary streets in the world? Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando will take you to the iconic place where a lot of us learned to count, spell and share. Today, that’s become closer to reality, as the park announced that it will open the doors to Sesame Street on March 27th.

Mark Pauls, President of SeaWorld Orlando Parks said, “We are thrilled to announce the opening date for this much anticipated attraction and we cannot wait to welcome guests to Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando on March 27. With over 30 new ways to play and an award-winning parade, this is an attraction that guests of all ages are going to love.”

The new area will feature the famous stoop at 123, Sesame Street where you can explore the inside of Hooper’s Store, then head for big fun at Big Bird’s Nest.

 Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando is exactly as you imagined, and with an award-winning parade, wet and dry play areas, rides, and an interactive neighborhood, it’s more fun than you could ever dream. Come play and learn with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby and all of their furry friends!

We’ve heard all kinds of new details and rumors about the new area, including the new Food Trucks themed to some of your favorite Sesame Street Characters, as well as the chance to meet Big Bird, Elmo and more. There’s also interactive play and water areas. Rumors say that the new area will feature interactive toys or devices that will help activate certain play elements in the six acre land.

Sesame Street is the latest in SeaWorld’s big 2019 lineup that includes the Seven Seas Food Festival and more.

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