Tidal Twister Goes Vertical + SeaWorld San Diego Construction Updates


Things are getting busy at SeaWorld San Diego as the park prepares for a busy 2019. Much of the park is undergoing construction, and many more projects are about to happen. Let’s take a look at how construction is progressing, as well as what we can look forward to in 2019.

Tidal Twister

Last week was obviously very busy for construction crews as the majority of Tidal Twister’s supports and track are in place or in the process of being installed. We got a look at the bright pink supports earlier last month, but this is the first time we’re seeing the purple track. Riders will load at each end of the figure 8 and will then traverse an airtime hill and a heartline roll. The ride will complete the circuit many times before coming to a stop.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that there seem to be wear marks on the track, which could mean that the ride was tested at Skyline Attractions’ warehouse before being shipped across the country. Skyline is making many changes from the original prototype, including changing the wheel arrangements and filling the supports with sand. Hopefully these changes will lead to a smooth and quiet ride experience.

Coaster enthusiasts will notice that the track looks very similar to Rocky Mountain Construction’s new single rail coasters, and that’s because the track is manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction. The Skywarp track is larger that that of the Raptor coasters (RailBlazer and Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster) but smaller than the prototype T-Rex coaster.

Along with the new coaster, the whole walled-off area will undergo a much-needed facelift. The Aquaria: World of Fishes building will be renovated and the large reef tank will be repurposed as a Research Support Aquarium to highlight the groundbreaking aquaculture work done by Rising Tide Conservation. The Aquarium de la Mer may also see some updates since the signs are being repainted. Finally, the Bayside Amphitheater is being repainted for the hit show of Electric Ocean, Cirque Electrique.

Tidal Twister represents the new strategy at SeaWorld San Diego – adding thrill rides while retaining the strong focus on animals.

Seven Seas Food Festival

SeaWorld is gearing up for one of the year’s biggest events, the Seven Seas Food Festival. Areas of the park are being themed to different countries, and three areas will include live entertainment. SeaWorld is adding 33 new dishes this year, along with a new Flavors of India booth. To learn more the festival, click here.

New Security Entrance

The security trellis has been expanded to five sections that will eventually house metal detectors and bag checks. The new sign reads, “SeaWorld welcomes you to a world of wonder,” a phrase that has also been used at the entrance to SeaWorld San Antonio.

The back side of the sign reads, “Your visit helps save animals – Thank You for your support.” SeaWorld San Diego’s 55th Celebration focuses on the amazing work done by the SeaWorld rescue team, including hitting 34,000 animal rescues this year, and the new signage reflects the focus on caring for animals both in the parks and worldwide. The area has been re-landscaped to fit the larger trellis, so the new entrance may open very soon.

The signage structures above the parking toll booths will be added soon, and there are markings denoting where they will be located. We see similar structures at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Journey to Atlantis

Not much has changed since the last update, with the exception of the roof of the large tower. To work on the vertical lift system, the top of the tower had to be completely removed. Now that everything has been updated, the roof has been put back on. This means that work will now focus on replacing the rough sections of track and repainting the front area. A lot of work is being done to make the buildings detailed, so it will be interesting to see what else this renovation will include.

Nautilus Amphitheater

Last Sunday was the very last showing of Pets Rule!, a show that had been running at SeaWorld for 17 years. As we predicted last month, the amphitheater is now closed as it gets ready for the Viva La Musica festival coming this May. The Pets Rule theming will be removed, but that’s all we really know about the renovation. It will be interesting to see how they convert it into a multi-purpose venue for concerts, Illuminight, and O Wondrous Night.

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