Accio shoes! Harry Potter Vans coming soon!


Wands out! Vans has announced a partnership with Harry Potter for a new line of footwear, apparel, accessories and even more. There have been no details about the new line except that it’s “coming soon”.

The special website gives muggles and wizards the chance to sign up via email (sorry, no electronic owl post here) for updates.

The webpage teases the four houses of Hogwarts, which seems a given for a line of shoes. But fans could also expect Dark Mark, Patronus and of course Golden Snitches in the line as well.

In the meantime, Universal Studios Hollywood has just revealed their amazing Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle.

Later this summer, Universal Orlando will unveil the brand new coaster, Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure at Islands of Adventure. Snagging a pair of Harry Potter shoes will give you the perfect kicks for a magical adventure on both coasts. The line up follows other popular Vans mash ups such as Peanuts, and Toy Story.

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