Plastic straws officially removed from Walt Disney World


Several outlets over the weekend reported that plastic straws have been officially removed from the parks at Walt Disney World. As part of their environmental initiative, the Walt Disney World Resort has removed all single use plastic straws. The move was announced last year, and jsut went into effect. The park has replaced the plastic straws with paper straws at all of the theme parks, and should be resort wide very soon. The company also started reducing plastic lids as well.

The move is just one of the many things that Walt Disney World is doing to help the environment. The other major project is the completion of a second major solar array, which employs over 500,000 solar panels. This isn’t the first time the park has taken on solar power. In 2016, the company installed a Mickey Mouse shaped solar field near Epcot. This one is much larger, and can power two of the four main Disney theme parks annually. The panels also move with the sun, to get the most energy out of the day, and should be able to withstand hurricane force winds by going flat.

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