Finnegan’s Flyer is now open at Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Located in the Ireland section of the park, Finnegan’s Flyer is a swing-like attraction featuring two pendulum-like arms which swing riders back and forth. It reaches heights of more than 80 feet and speeds of 45 mph. Finnegan’s Flyer has a capacity of 32 guests per ride.

Finnegan’s Flyer is now officially open!

Video: Finnegan’s Flyer at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens invited us to come check out Finnegan’s Flyer and experience it first hand. Check it out below.

Video: Riding Finnegan’s Flyer

Video: 360-degree POV of Finnegan’s Flyer

For a really cool experience, here is a 360-degree video (must be viewed in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or the latest version of the YouTube app).

Ireland also features several other experiences including Celtic Fyre, an Irish step dancing show, and Battle for Eire, a 360-degree virtual reality ride.

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