Is Zombieland coming to Halloween Horror Nights?


Sometimes you gotta enjoy the little things. It seems like the time for Halloween Horror Nights to nut up or shut up is coming, as HHN Fansite Horror Night Nightmares reports that the property is coming to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando.

According to their sources, and their latest speculation map, the 2009 hit film is going to get a scare zone in the New York area. Keep in mind that this is just a rumor at this point, and unless it gets announced from Universal Orlando themselves, it’s just not happening.

But will it happen? There’s several reasons why, yes, it very well could.

  1. It’s the 10 year anniversary of the first film. The film did $102 million worldwide on a $24 million budget, and it did extremely well on home video. It also pushed the zombie craze into high gear, and was fairly instrumental in helping The Walking Dead make the air.
  2. There’s a sequel coming out this year. On October 18th, Zombieland: Double Tap will hit theaters with the original cast, some new comers and hopefully a big stash of Twinkies. It just makes good synergy to bring the property to the park, and not only cash in on the popularity of the series, but also to cross promote the new movie.
  3. Columbia Pictures is distributing it. Why is that a big deal? Because Columbia/Sony has the rights to another film that was big at Universal for a time, and could be making a comeback. That’s right, Ghostbusters and Zombieland come from the same home, and they both are rumored for HHN this year. Ghostbusters was once a huge stage show at Universal Studios Florida, before it became Twister and later Jimmy Fallon. On top of all that, Men In Black is also a Columbia Pictures/Sony release, and that ride is one of the most popular in the park. It’s likely there’s a huge deal at play there.
  4. The New York area makes the perfect place for Zombieland. There have been zombie scare zones in the New York area of the park, and with Zombieland, there’s perfect opportunity for that mass chaos.

Let’s also look at the other pieces of the map. The Music and films of Rob Zombie is definitely a plausible idea, especially if the rumors of House of 1,000 corpses are true. Rob Zombie has a second sequel to that movie coming out this year, so we could see all of his characters, and music blaring through the streets.

The others including Vikings, and a Plastic Surgery area…both of which have amazing potential. Anarch-ade? That one screams punk music, MTV, and just chaos. I really have no clue what to expect if that one is true.

But the big one is Zombieland. What do you think of the potential scare zone? If the rumors are true, and the street is a success, could we see a whole house based on the films next year? What else might we expect to see in the scare zone besides just zombies? Could we see a whole amusement park erected inside the theme park?

Special thanks to Horror Night Nightmares for the info.

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