Jurassic World stars to reprise their roles for new ride and more!

Stars of the JURASSIC WORLD films Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and BD Wong reprise their roles as Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry Wu, bringing their characters from the silver screen to Universal Studios Hollywood’s much anticipated mega attraction, “Jurassic World—The Ride,” opening this summer.

Strap on your high heels and get ready to run, as Jurassic World is gearing up to take over Universal Studios Hollywood this summer. To bring the new Jurassic World: The Ride to life, the new attraction will enlists the help of the movies stars, Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt and of course BD Wong as Claire Dearing, Owen Grady and Dr. Henry Wu.

The characters will be part original content created exclusively for the new ride. Owen, Claire and Dr. Wu will shed light on their interactions with the dinosaurs along with facts and information about the imposing prehistoric creatures that first roamed the earth more than 65 million years ago.

If that wasn’t enough, iconic dinosaurs from the movie, including the colossal Indominus rex and the magnificent aquatic Mosasaurus in her natural habitat. 

For the first time, JURASSIC WORLD fans will have the chance to see this impressive creature and become immersed within her massive Aquarium Observatory.  Appearing to span over 60 feet in length and tipping the scales at over 30K pounds through stunning state-of-the-art visual effects, the Mosasaurus is a sight to behold as she moves just inches away from guests throughout her glass enclosure filled with the equivalent of 3.5 million gallons of water.

Universal Creative collaborated with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) to bring the Mosasaurus to life and to capture the realism of her underwater environment using a combination of spectacular visual effects and cutting-edge technologies, including the use of motion parallax, a technique that shifts the guest’s perspective of the Mosasaurus as she moves throughout the tank.

The team also employed a series of lighting enhancements allowing the aquarium to intuitively shift from day to night, as well as visual changes to the environment during inclement weather, thus creating a variety of visual scenarios guests can experience based on when they experience the ride. Basically, the ride is going to change depending on the time of day and even down to the weather!

The drop will still be there, but instead of just slipping past the T-Rex, guests will have to slip between the iconic battle between the T-Rex and Indominus as they battle for supremacy over Jurassic World!

The ride will open later this summer!