Brush fire hinders operations at Six Flags Magic Mountain as guests kept in park


A brush fire near Six Flags Magic Mountain causedchaos on Sunday afternoon. Fire crews worked to get the blaze under control, which caused smoke to billow into the theme park. As a result, the park closed and was evacuated.

The park then tweeted that it could not allow guests out of the park due to firefighters closing off nearby roads.

Naturally, guests on Twitter had other accounts of what was happening both in the park and elsewhere.

The park later announced that it would be closed for the day, and would reopen on Monday.

It appears that the local fire district did not tell Six Flags to close, and it was done on a voluntary basis. The result seemed to be a mass of confusion, as the park wasn’t told to evacuate guests. Luckily, no one was hurt and only a few people were taken to the hospital due to smoke related illness.

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