Jabbawockeez coming back to Halloween Horror Nights as the event expands to 10 MAZES!


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood made some huge announcements on Thursday, some expected some kind of out of nowhere. The event is one of the most popular Halloween events in Southern California, and has chosen to expand to humongous proportions.

First up, fan favorites Jabbawockeez will be returning to the event with a new show high-energy performance created exclusively for HHN. Jabbas have been a staple at the event since 2015 and are back yet again.

Check out video from previous years at Halloween Horror Nights!

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the Jabbawockeez are back, they are pretty popular at HHN and are very high energy.

What is a massive surprise, is that Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood is aggressively expanding, and heading to TEN MAZES in 2019. That’s three more than last year, and goes right on par with Universal Orlando’s HHN.

So, this is a massively big deal simply because Hollywood has a habit of specifically doing big movies as houses. It’s not uncommon for them to do the hot movie happening now, or the classic horror film or show. But with ten houses occupying space, that means that all the mazes will not be properties. Just how many will be original houses, and how many will be based on IP’s (movies and shows, i.e. Intellectual Properties) remains to be seen.

So far we do know that the line up for Universal Studios Hollywood will include Stranger Things, Holidayz in Hell (original house), Frankenstein vs. Wolf Man and the year round haunt, The Walking Dead.

It’s only two months until HHN debuts on September 13th, so we expect to start seeing a lot of big announcements very soon, and really frequently.

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