SeaWorld Orlando Breaks the Ice with new 2020 coaster tease


SeaWorld Orlando just caught us off guard as it readies the teases for the new 2020 coaster, which promises predatory heights, and plunging Thrills.

So everything we bought we knew about the new coaster is tossed out the window. We don’t think it’s going to be a Sea Rescue Clone from SeaWorld San Antonio. Instead the rumors of an Arctic Themed coaster, launching from around the Shamu Stadium side of the park seems more in line now. In fact, with Wild Arctic rumored to get an overhaul, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see that attraction used as the queue and get a massive overhaul with more animal exhibits. What about the attraction itself? It’s likely we will see a huge drop, and we could see another record breaker, like Sheikra. The sound of a launch motor also hints at something we might not have seen before in Florida. There’s so many hints but we have yet to piece them all together. Plus let’s add in the fact that the new ride is on the Shamu side of the park, and by Mango Joes and we have the makings for a mega new land that will include animals, a new restaurant and the coaster as the centerpiece. The park has filed plans for a family launch coaster, but we’ll see how family friendly that is, and how thrilling it becomes.

We’ll learn more details soon.

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