First themed pieces revealed for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan


Super Nintendo World is going to be an awesome new addition to Universal Studios Japan. Or at least we hope so. The new one has been notoriously under wraps at the park, with construction very hard to see. Now we have a first look at some of the theming in the park. Thanks to @LCASTUDIOS_USJ on Twitter.

The theming of the new land is starting to show over the top of Waterworld. It legit looks like something out of Super Mario Brothers.

How’s it compare to the concept art?

Here’s a good close up of the piece.

That’s like a cake, look at that layering! Now let’s see how it compares to the concept art. Below we have the concept art, and the piece we are likely looking at is to the left of Mario’s Head.

How about a closer look?

We are just seeing the first section of it, but so far that is an amazing similarity.

We don’t have exact details, but the rumor is that there will be a Mario Kart attraction, a Yoshi ride, and a Donkey Kong Coaster. There will also be tons of interactive elements, specialty food and of course merchandise. The new land will be like stepping into a video game.

There’s no opening date just yet, but the rumored date will have the new attraction open in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Jump over to LCA Studios for more pics from USJ.

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