Kings Island announces Orion-New Giga Coaster for 2020


Kings Island is not really known for being immersive. At all. However, the brand new coaster for 2020 does have a really cool story line, and an even more impressive set of stats. Are you ready to save the planet and escape an asteroid filed on Orion?

So the story goes, an meteor shower is going to pummel the planet for generations. However, scientists with the Project X initiative have developed a new vehicle that is capable of weaving in and out of a meteor shower. They just need test subjects. That’s where you and Kings Island comes in. The area 72 section of the park is home to some of the parks other…tests. You get to test the vehicles and see if you have what it takes to take the next step and actually save the planet.

Alright, so it’s not the best storyline and there’s so much left to be explained. The biggest being, what is Area 72 and what else is in it? The brand new section of the park is so far just home to Orion.

But let’s talk a little more about Orion. It’s a giga coaster, meaning that it breaks the 300 foot marker. The coaster will take you up 287 feet, and have you dropping down every inch of it and more, as you plunge 300 feet. The coaster will take riders on speeds of 91 mph and push them through one of the longest tracks in Kings Island history.

Here’s the rest of the stats:

Ride Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard  
Coaster Type: Steel  
Classification: Giga  
Lift/Launch System: Chain lift hill  
Duration: 3 minutes  
Trains: 3 trains with 8 cars. Riders are seated 4 across in a single row for a total of 32 riders per train  
Capacity: 1,650 riders per hour  
Minimum Height Requirement: 54 inches  
Ride Opening: Spring 2020 

Track Length: 5,321 feet  
Height of First Drop: 300 feet  
Length of First Drop: 447 feet   
Total Number of Hills: 8  
Height of Hills: 287 feet, 174 feet, 202 feet, 56 feet, 147 feet, 125 feet, 90 feet, 83 feet  
Top Speed: 91 mph  

Anytime you have a new B&M, it’s a cause for celebration. Kings Island is no stranger to B&M coasters, as this will be the third coaster from the Swiss manufacturer.

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