Stranger Things StarCourt Mall Food Court coming to HHN 29, plus new commercial!


Today, Universal Orlando dropped the first commercial for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. And as expected, it is a who’s who of this year’s main attractions. Check it out below.

It’s a Totally Terrifying vibe to the commercial, and it features just about all the big names they can stuff into a commercial. A very slasher movie vibe that we hope carries over into the event.

But that’s not the biggest news.

Universal Orlando also dropped the huge map for HHN, which will help you in your planning…and trust me, with Ten haunted houses five scare zones, two shows and a ton of attractions, you’re going to want to plan.

That is one massive map, and it cuts off half way through our screen! It’s a must have for all your planning. But there’s one thing that we noticed…and it’s kind of epic.

Bring your attention to Dining, under D.

Starcourt Mall Food Court?!?! Yes, it certainly seems that Universal will take a few places from inside the food court to theme their annual bevy of tents. That’s nothing new for Universal Orlando, honestly, they do tons of great food items themed to HHN every year, and Starcourt Mall seems an obvious choice, given … WAIT…STARCOURT MALL!?!?! That can only mean

With a food court comes an ice cream stand, and we very well could see Scoops Ahoy serving up ice cream in the park. How cool will that be?! If nothing else, the park will definitely serve up donuts and many other things inspired by the show and the other amazing haunted houses at the park.

We can’t wait to see what exactly we’ll see in the park…but let’s keep our fingers crossed for Scoops Ahoy.

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