SeaWorld lays off call center employees


According to, SeaWorld has just released their Orlando Call Center. The Layoff is a site where people can anonymously post. A post was published on the site around 10am Monday morning, saying that layoffs were possible, and followed up with “Everyone was laid off”.

All jobs have reportedly been moved to centers in Jamaica and other areas around the globe. There has been no official confirmation yet, but with many employees reporting that they’ve lost their jobs, it’s safe to assume that there’s truth to it.

There is no word on just how many jobs have been let go by SeaWorld, but the call center at one time did employ around 100, though that number might have dwindled in recent years.

There’s also more murmurings on the site that several management level employees have left as well.

The cuts are nothing new for SeaWorld, who has been restructuring and making many changes in the past few months under the new board, and new chairman. Another major change is the departure of several park presidents within the organization, with SeaWorld San Antonio President, Carl Lum being the latest.

Stay tuned for more as we hear it.