Is a New Attraction Coming to SeaWorld San Antonio in 2021?


On the heels of Texas Stingray’s opening, an interesting development is happening along the SeaWorld San Antonio lake. An area adjacent to Orca Stadium has been walled off and a section of the lake has been cut off to allow for preparation and site work to take place. Construction on this project seems to be moving fast, so it is very likely that this area could turn into the park’s 2021 attraction.

Early rumors suggest that it will be an S&S Screamin’ Swing-type attraction, similar to Finnegan’s Flyer which opened at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2019, although nothing is concrete yet. Finnegan’s Flyer seems to have been a hit at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, as Busch Gardens Tampa is also highly rumored to be getting the same ride system.

Along the construction fences are signs that read, “Something Big Is Coming” and carry the hashtag #RideTheTide. This immediately suggests that the ride could potentially be named Tidal Twister, since the 2019 attraction at SeaWorld San Diego also carried the same hashtag. However, that does not mean that the new project will be a Skywarp. SeaWorld has been known to re-use names for totally different attractions, including the Journey to Atlantis and Manta coasters.

If this project is indeed another thrilling attraction, it will be the third continuous year of new rides at the San Antonio park. In 2019, the park opened up Turtle Reef, an interactive Sea Turtle exhibit with a few fun flat rides and a state-of-the-art biofiltration system. In 2020, the park opened Texas Stingray, the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden coaster in the state of Texas. In 2021, it looks like the park will be adding another fun ride, and it will be exciting to track the progress of its construction.

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