Don’t Miss These Tasty Offerings at Mardi Gras 2020, Universal Orlando. 


Universal is going bigger for the 25th anniversary of its annual Mardi Gras event, expanding the menu and switching up the offerings every two weeks. Traditional New Orleans favorites are still offered alongside the bi-weekly menu, including PO boys, Jambalaya, Gator Bites, Crab Shrimp & more. 

Here are the offerings this year, plus our favorites from each of the bi-weekly menus, as well as our overall favorite dish at the Mardi Gras event:

Trinidad & Tobago (February 1-15)

  • Grilled Pineapple Trini-Chow (with kimchi seasoning and cilantro)
  • Pholourie (fried spicy split pea dough with turmeric, curry powder and tamarind chutney)
  • Chickpea Double (served on spicy bara flatbread with cilantro and mango chutney)

Our Pick:  Grilled Pineapple Trini Chow

Pineapple Mardi Gras Food
This Trinidad & Tobago grilled, sweet pineapple is refreshing and the type of superfood needed during a long day at a theme park. The plant-based snack is the perfect thing to grab-and-go and our choice of snack during the first two weeks of the Mardi Gras event.

Louisiana Creole (February 16 – 29)

  • Softshell Crab Slider (softshell crab with organic veggie slaw and a bayou aioli)
  • Cauliflower Dirty Rice (riced cauliflower with plant-based protein crumbles, black eyed peas and Cajun spices)
  • Pecan Street (pecan vodka, caramel, apple cider)

Our Pick: Cauliflower Dirty Rice

Creole Dirty Rice, Mardi Gras Universal Studios
This Louisiana Creole vegan dish is not-to-miss and one of our favorite offerings during the event. The spices blend nicely together and the taste is excellent.

Brazil (March 1 – 14)

  • Pao de Quiejo (warm cheese bread served with guava dipping sauce)
  • Sweet Plantains (with cinnamon, sugar, and a banana poppy seed dipping sauce)
  • The Girl from Ipanema (gin-based, lime, orgeat, coconut, pineapple, papaya cocktail)

Our Pick: The Girl from Ipanema

Mardi Gras Universal Girl from Ipanema Drink
Brazil’s menu is all about the drink. Make sure you get your hands on the Gin-based “Girl from Ipanema.” It’s our favorite drink offered during the entire Mardi Gras Universal event.

Germany (March 15 – April 2)

  • Sauerbraten (slow-braised beef with buttered spaetzel, pickled red cabbage and topped with a red wine sauce)
  • Grilled Bratwurst (served on a potato pancake with whole grain mustard, sour cream and chives)
  • Warm Pretzel

Our Pick: Sauerbraten

Germany Food, Mardi Gras Universal Studios Florida
Germany’s Sauerbraten offering just falls apart in your mouth. It’s a juicy and flavorful beef that you have to try!

Overall Favorite: Crab Etoufee

This Cajun classic returning to the French Quarter Courtyard is our number one can’t-miss food offering, especially if you like crab, plus it’s offered during all weeks of the event. Its flavor is out-of-this-world and it’s the type of messy-looking food we would expect at a backyard Mardi Gras party straight out of New Orleans.

Crab Etoufee, Mardi Gras Dish
Crab Etoufee wins our pick as best offering at this year’s Universal Mardi Gras.

The menu doesn’t end there! Check out the Official Universal Blog for even more specialty foods and desserts out in CityWalk, such as Pat O’Briens’ “Taste of Nola,” or Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom’s “Party Gras” drink, plus crazy dessert offerings at Toothsome, Voodoo Donut, and more!

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