SeaWorld Provides Weekly Educational Resources for Teachers and Parents

Photo Credit: SeaWorld San Diego

Over the next several weeks, SeaWorld wants to share amazing facts about some of its favorite animals and provide you with weekly e-learning materials packed with fun and inspiring insights into the natural world – making it as easy as possible to learn from home!

Both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are publishing online resources for kids of all ages, including InfoBooks about animal species and SeaWorld’s rescue program, fun games, teaching lessons, and Saving a Species, an educational video series about how impressive sea turtles really are and what you can do to help save them.

Every week, SeaWorld will be uploading a new installment of the Educational Toolbox. This week’s material focuses on Sea Turtles while next week’s will focus on dolphins. In order to access the full array of educational tools, just click the link below!

Photo Credit: SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld has also prepared an assortment of free lesson plans and activities for teachers and parents. Activities include coloring pages, word searches, supplemental worksheets for the documentary series, and more! And best of all, these activities come totally free.

A huge thank you to SeaWorld and many other zoological institutions for providing these resources at a time where many kids will be missing out on school field trips and classes.

Photo Credit: SeaWorld San Diego

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