MACK Rides Introduce New Spinning Coaster Car Upgrade “HybridTrain”


MACK Rides of Waldkirch, Germany have announced a new spinning coaster car that can be fitted onto new and existing coaster projects from the company.

The spinning vehicles coined “HybridTrain” are capable of inverting and sharp transitions with the familiar MACK lap-bar restraints.

The first installation of the vehicles will be on the newest launch coaster project for Dreamworld Theme Park in Australia. The 30-million+ dollar roller coaster for 2021 will reserve the back row for the experience. “The thrill of this ultimate 1.2km rollercoaster, featuring multiple inversions and reaching hair-raising speeds of 105km/h, is based on the world’s number one model, the Blue Fire Launch Coaster. It operates in 14 locations globally, including Europa Park and Disney Hollywood Studios.” -Dreamworld AU

Because MACK has the ability to test products at their very own theme park, they were able to test out the vehicles on a layout very similar to Dreamworld’s upcoming project. “With our own playing field we used the after-park hours to mount our newly designed upgrade to the back car of one of the trains. After all visitors left the park we then had enough time to test ride the installation. This feature can be equipped on many of our launch, mega and hyper coaster trains that are already in operation around the world and those to come in the future.” -MACK Rides

In the video below you can watch the MACK engineering team as they prepare, install and test the new vehicles on the Blue Fire roller coaster at Europa Park.

“The spinning speed can be controlled by magnets in the seat itself so that the ride is thrilling but still fun. Depending on the weight distribution each ride will be different for our guests.”

A new addition like this is a great upcharge opportunity for parks struggling to add new additions during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Coronavirus has taken a toll on the theme park and entertainment industry Worldwide, but will hopefully bounce back stronger-than-ever in the second half of 2021.

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