Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Orlando Re-Opens with New, Long-Overdue Upgrades!


Universal Orlando Resort has reopened the “Revenge of the Mummy” attraction today after a brief (less than two-week) closure. The ride features the same exact storyline and layout, yet changes in visual projections are apparent, Here’s what we noticed!

With every attraction “upgrade” a bit of worry always sets in, will they remove some practical effects in lieu of projections? Will the storyline change? We’re happy to report that the Mummy has only been enhanced by this quick-yet-noticeable (and much needed) upgrade!

The Treasure Room:
With a sharp eye you’ll notice the first difference is set in the first large showroom, where a brighter and much clearer screen welcomes you in. The timing of the ride also feels better in this section, with audio sounding like it was easier to understand, something that’s been a problem for a while. The brightness of the fire effects no longer wash out the projection here either.

The first large room during the ride features an upgraded and much clearer projection. 2020 Photo: Universal Orlando

Hitting the Wall:
If you’re a fan of the Mummy ride, you know that this next room during the ride is the one most-plagued with screen issues. The quick stop now boasts new projectors with the 3D-bug effects still in use, good news! The animations are brighter, clearer, and line up a lot better than the previous version. Personally, we feel the brightness could be turned down, as they’re very obviously screens now; on the 2020-and-earlier version they were lit in a way to resemble a dimly lit wall versus a blinding projection.

The dim-lit projection here worked better for this scene as seen in this 2020 POV, versus the blinding light of the new wall projection. Photo: Universal Orlando

The Turntable:
If changes weren’t noticeable before here, this is the section that will be noticeable to the average guest or someone who hasn’t ridden the ride in years. This new animation has a 3D-feel to it, lines-up perfectly, times-up perfectly with your vehicle, and is really the one section of the Mummy ride that definately NEEDED this upgrade.
This change alone makes it looks like this ride is a brand new installation instead of a 17-year old ride.

The Roller Coaster:
While some effects were unfortunately off for our ride-through, the roller coaster section is filled with brighter mummies, and timing with the train is now perfect. We hope they can fix some of the broken portions soon.

The Revenge of the Mummy ride vehicle. COVID-barriers seen in the background separating rows in the queue, installed in 2020.

The new changes are exciting, and with some changes in brightness/lighting for the “Bug” scene, we have absolutely nothing negative to say and if you are a massive Revenge of the Mummy fan you need to see the changes for yourself! We just hope that screens go back to blending into set-pieces instead of being obvious projections, a problem across the industry lately in most dark rides.
Revenge of the Mummy is still one of the best attractions in all of Florida, and remains a must-ride on your visit to the area, even more so now!

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