Jurassic World Velocicoaster, Review & Element-by-Element Analysis of the New Islands of Adventure Roller Coaster.



Quite possibly one of the best-themed roller coasters found on the planet, the Velocicoaster takes no short cuts in giving riders the best possible Jurassic World experience ever. Themed after a roller coaster at the Jurassic World Theme Park, there’s no tricks of “boarding a fictional vehicle in X location” The ride is themed to a roller coaster. Claire Dearing and Owen Grady are talking about the physical roller coaster you are about the board during the preshow and queue. The actual ride is pictured and the layout is found on multiple screens throughout the queue. This adds to the immersion and you see portions of what you are about to experience before you even step foot into the station. It’s worth noting that similar to Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, it appears that single riders will miss most of the full-queue experience if they choose to take that route.

Raptor Paddock, VelociCoaster Universal Studios

There’s even a World’s-first effect during the queue showing you that they went full-boar during the theming process. It creates familiarity before riding and the storyline just makes sense and is easy to follow. No tricks of ‘everything is fine’ and then something going wrong, you are boarding a roller coaster where you know there’s an inherent risk before boarding.

There’s a ton of near misses with some of the best rock work ever seen, and the terrain usage is refreshing to see around the flat land of Florida. The lighting adds so much to this ride as well, with it being extremely satisfying as it times up with the train in launch and brake areas. (The only complaint is the odd amount of visual paint wear and tear in areas on the track and supports. There are places that need attention, however, this may be fixed by the opening date so it’s only worth mentioning but not something I expect to last.) The Velocicoaster is a uniquely themed experience with nothing else like it.


The first new-generation Intamin to open in the USA, VelociCoaster is something that most visitors have never experienced or seen before. It felt like no other coaster type that I have ridden, and it’s refreshing to feel a ride that is so different from everything else. The short show scenes have slight differences between rides, although I’m unsure as to how many there are, and the re-rideability is at a perfect level. Intense at a level that most will be able to re-ride if they want.

The elements are fresh with differences in shaping compared to other steel coasters, which provide you with feelings like you’ve never felt before. There’s multiple elements that are shaped in such a way that the only place you can experience them is on the Jurassic World VelociCoaster.

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