Jurassic World Velocicoaster, Review & Element-by-Element Analysis of the New Islands of Adventure Roller Coaster.


Velocicoaster sets a new standard for what coasters are meant to be. One-of-a-kind elements; a pure-fun first-half building up to an insane second half; and sections of track that genuinely seem like they wouldn’t have existed a few years ago until you actually see them and believe it. The Velocicoaster currently has the highest score out of any roller coaster I’ve ridden, and while opinions may vary and this coaster of course holds a special place in my heart, this is truly a ride that attempts to check every box and tries to be the best coaster ever. Highly themed, good intensity, great thrill, and wow factor from start to finish.

Final Score:
Technical: 9.5
Excitement: 9.0
Pacing: 7.9
Theming: 9.2
Uniqueness: 9.6

Jurassic World Velocicoaster is a TOP 1% coaster on my personal list with these scores. It sits in my personal top 5 coaster rides ever, and is one that is truly worth making the trip to Universal for.


Launch and Raptor Paddock on VelociCoaster

First Launch
The ride begins with a 0-50mph launch in 3.0 seconds. The take-off itself feels less kicky in my opinion than Hagrid, even though it is faster in acceleration; but that could be due to the normal seating arrangement, high seatbacks, and the expected-ness of the incoming launch.

Immelman, VelociCoaster, Universal Islands of Adventure

The Immelmann
This tilted Immelmann has a bit of hangtime at the top, and it pulls you over with a bit of speed if sitting in the back of the train. You may find yourself hanging forward and the pull-out comes quick, especially in the back seat, which is a big surprise. If you like Positive G’s sit in the back, if you’re a fan of negatives, the front is the way to go for these first two elements.

Dive Loop, Second Inversion of the VelociCoaster

The Dive Loop
The next element is another where a massive difference can be found from the front of the train versus the back. Thanks to the minimal heart-lining through the twist of this inversion, the front of the train has a massive pop out of your seat thanks to a small moment of airtime during entry that perfectly transitions into hang-time before plunging back down. This is one part of the ride where you’ll benefit from sitting near the front. The element is shaped beautifully and this is the first moment where I was surprised with what the ride was offering. There’s also a hidden call out to the previous Triceratops Encounter attraction near this element, see if you can spot it!

Overbank #1
This overbank is taken with some speed which results in some very nice Positive G’s that are sustained for a bit, the pullout is much higher than the lead into the element, which might take you by surprise.

Twisted Airhill on the Velocicoaster, Universal Studios Orlando Islands of Adventure

Twisted Airhill #1
A Twisted Airhill pulls you down with quite a bit of force, the element has one of the stronger airtime moments, though it is over quick.

Rockwork on the VelociCoaster, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure

Pathway Fly-By
Down towards the pathway and back up, you can wave to some on lookers quickly before ascending up through the rock work and out of sight.

Downward S-Bend
Some downward curves have you flying by some Raptors. These audible Dino’s aren’t too noticeable as they go by so quickly, so the audio clue at this point is welcomed. Lighting at night points them out and the creatures do add to this section as they’re staring you straight down.

Overbank on the Velocicoaster, Review.

Overbank #2
A second overbank isn’t as insane as the first one, taken with a bit less speed and pulling out more naturally compared to the first, the overbank turns you back towards some more Raptors.

Mini Stengel Dive
This element is one that I’ve mentioned about being excited about during construction, but is hard to convey as there are no great images of it, it delivers a fun pop of airtime, especially in the RIGHT seat, where your body is pushed up and whipped back down. It’s the personal highlight for me of the first half and has a dino on either side of you, it’s an element that will surprise you.

VelociCoaster Review, Islands of Adventure new ride.

S-Shaped Airhill
The second twisted Airhill is your moment to breathe and wave at the onlookers from behind the paddock fence. Things get crazy after this relatively slow element.

To conclude the first half, I’d have a hard time believing anyone could choose the back as their favorite seat if the ride were to end here. The front seat shines through the first half. But what about the back half?

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