Breaking it Down; New FUN SPOT Atlanta 2022 RMC (Layout)


The new for 2022 Fun Spot America RMC roller coaster has had many details revealed throughout the past months which we’ve touched on before.
The Atlanta theme park has now revealed the location of the new ride, as well as plenty of other details that allow us to infer the height, length, and amount of inversions that the attraction will carry.

Here’s a breakdown of the layout:

The First Elements: The first elements are RMC staples, a steep first drop (likely under 90 degrees) into a dive loop that looks to have a fake-out turn to the right before turning riders upside down to the left. After this dive loop and the small micro bunny hill that can be seen in the above right image, a large stall will take riders upside down for a couple of seconds as you hang high above the ground right next to the roadway, it will be quite the sight when entering the park. We’ve recreated other angles below of what these elements could look like.

The Height of the new Fun Spot RMC: The Height of this coaster is still unknown, however when looking at the number of supports and working backward with the heights we already know thanks to the support heights in the images from Fun Spot’s Twitter, we can infer the height of the new roller coaster to be over 150 feet! This will hold the record for the tallest hybrid coaster in Georgia, and also take other records from the nearby Six Flags park, which we will highlight later in this article.

Over the station: An outward bank is expected as you turn to the left over the station. This element is not confirmed, however, it will give onlookers a great angle as riders turn outward near the entrance to the roller coaster and is extremely likely that this is what will be in place at this moment. Riders will get a massive amount of airtime as they turn to the left and into the airtime-filled portion of the ride.

The Outrun: A double-up and large drop downward keep the airtime trend of this ride going. Then it’s time for inversion #3, a very quick step-up underflip-type inversion. This is a zero-g roll-like inversion where riders spin upside down with zero-g’s and then turn to the right. (Seen below) You can see the speed will be fast through this moment!

Turnaround and Back: A small outward bank to the left and riders are turned back to right just feet from the ground. This section is hidden behind the large shed structure at the park. Into a barrel roll and then back towards the station. This makes the ride have 4 inversions, the highest inversion count on a Georgia Hybrid roller coaster, crushing all of Six Flags’ previous records. FOUR airtime moments back-to-back finish the layout, where riders will fly over multiple downward hills. A small hop up into the final brake run complete the layout as Fun Spot has shown us through teasers.

5-car trains as seen in the renders are also expected on this roller coaster as the extra capacity is not needed at this park. With the height of the ride a shorter train will carry plenty of speed through this out-and-back layout. A leaked site plan also confirms this with the station size only accommodating 5 cars.

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