Roller Coaster Track Arrives at SeaWorld San Diego for Rumored 2023 Attraction


Roller coaster track has arrived at SeaWorld San Diego, and rumors point to a multi-launch family roller coaster that will occupy the Wild Arctic building and adjacent parking lot. Back in January of 2020, the Wild Arctic simulator ride took its last flight to Base Station Wild Arctic. The simulators were the first thrill-type built at the San Diego park. In 1994, SeaWorld of California opened the ride under the name “Mission: Bermuda Triangle,” which was a submarine simulator through the mystical waters of the Bermuda Triangle. In 1997, the current animal exhibits were built as a complement to the ride and the simulation was turned into a helicopter ride through the Arctic.

While the simulated jet helicopter flight has been very popular for nearly 25 years, we are very excited to update the ride-experience of the attraction.

Marilyn Hannes, former SeaWorld San Diego Park President

Since the announcement of the attraction’s closure, anticipation has been building for a new ride that would occupy the large show building of the Wild Arctic exhibit. The global coronavirus pandemic put a pause on everyone’s aspirations as the theme park industry came to a halt. Slowly, theme parks across the country started to reopen. Since then, the theme park industry has made a significant recovery, as evidenced by attendance figures from the major theme park operators.

According to rumors posted on various online pages, the project will be a multi-launch roller coaster manufactured by Intamin Amusement Rides. The ride’s station will be located inside the Wild Arctic building. The train will then launch out of the building and traverse a course of twisting track that simulates the movements of a snowmobile on a daring Arctic rescue mission. Rumors point to potentially three separate launches as coaster riders experience twists and turns. The trains of the ride will have a unique sit-down position, similar to those at SeaWorld San Antonio’s Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster.

As the outdoor ride area is cleared for future construction, track and support pieces are currently being stored in far end of the SeaWorld parking lot. The roller coaster’s track is a vibrant blue, while the supports are a blue-gray tint.

More angles of the construction area and track storage area can be found in the above video. Additionally, tags attached to pieces of track confirm that the ride will be manufactured by Intamin and that the project is a “Family Launch Coaster.” This is fantastic news – the highly themed Wild Arctic exhibit is perfect for a family ride. While many coaster enthusiasts may question the addition of a roller coaster so similar to Manta, the new ride differs in a few ways. The distinct seating arrangement and drive tire launch will make you feel like you’re actually riding a snowmobile, and these factors will surely make this ride a favorite among parkgoers.

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