HOLIDAY PARK, Germany. Guide & Trip Report. One of the Best Roller Coasters in the World: Expedition GeForce


Holiday Park was placed on the map for theme park lovers across the World when it opened Expedition GeForce in 2001. Europe’s first Intamin Mega Coaster, it is a ride that all coaster enthusiasts know about and is a bucket list attraction for all. This is one ride filled with a strong collection of elements. A crazy twisted drop where the backseat is a must-do, a series of loaded airtime hills, and one specific twisted hill that is also a big talking point.

Notable Attractions:
Expedition GeForce: One of the most known roller coasters in Germany & one of the first Intamin Mega coasters in the World.
Wickie Splash: A MACK Rides Log Flume.

As you walk into Holiday Park it may not have the level of upkeep or budget as some of the other parks that we had previously been to on this trip, but it’s a nice wide open entrance area, and it’s still themed quite nicely. We’d also purchase a Plopsa annual pass here as there were other Plopsa-owned parks that we would be visiting, and it ended up being the best deal. (Wiki: Plopsa Owned Parks)

Tickets: Approx. $45

From the entrance section onward the theming is kind of mashed together with some themed areas and themed rides, and plenty of flat rides. To the left is Expedition GeForce. There’s also an area of the park somewhat located behind the entrance area, so the layout is a bit odd. We purchased a slip of skip the lines that allow 10 skips for one person since the line for GeForce looked quite long, with front row rides requiring two punches. It was a good deal and something I would purchase again just to skip the line here since operations weren’t the fastest on this Intamin and it really is the one reason to come to this park.

Watch The Video Version for Added Visuals:

GeForce is incredible. One of the best original Intamin Mega Models out there. I don’t know if I was slightly let down because of the hype surrounding this ride or the inefficiency of the dispatches, but I’m also a sucker for theming and this one doesn’t really have any. Operations are frustratingly slower than other amusement parks. We’d grab 5 or so rides on this before heading back to the corner of the park where the Premier-rides built Sky Scream is located, a cloned coaster model found around the World.

Holiday Park has an extensive selection of flat rides in close proximity to each other, it makes for a good amount of rides overall.

A piece of the old Superwirbel makes an archway over the pathway as you enter this section of the park. The Sky Scream is just like all the other models of this type, it always packs a nice punch of adrenaline, and the queue really was the best that I had seen for a cloned attraction of this kind. It’s a fun ride and just going through the line is half the fun. Other attractions in the park did not have any lines, so we would save the rest of our skips later for more rides on GeForce.

The park also has a nicely themed Log Flume in the middle of the park, “Wickie Splash.” It features a double-down drop. Other water rides include the rapid ride “Dino Splash.” It included some waterfalls and rapids that all travel past animatronic dinos.

We’d go on to ride the Disco and the third and smallest coaster in the park. The disco is nicely themed with the track well disguised and it fits into the pathways and this section of the park as a centerpiece. There’s a large indoor space in the park with family attractions and a small family coaster.

Sadly Expedition GeForce had broken down at this point and did not open for the rest of the visit. For this reason, ride it first.

With the skip-the-line system, this is a half-day park. We ended up not using 3-4 punches on all of our skip passes which was frustrating but we felt they were still worth the uses that we got out of them. I don’t see any need to spend an entire day or return here, if I were to go back I’d just ride GeForce along with the Log Flume and Rapids ride. It’s not a huge park, and the selection of rides can mostly be found at other parks. The quality of the park isn’t the highest, GeForce carries the park and the spread of guests inside the park also makes that quite clear. There’s a nice selection of kids attractions in that a family with young ones would probably enjoy the day much more than a thrill seeker.

Length of Stay Recommended: HALF DAY

Recommended for: Families with Children, Roller Coaster Enthusiasts
Not Recommended for: Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors


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