Best Of: 5 Must-Try Items at Seven Seas Food Festival, SeaWorld Orlando


There are more options than ever at the Seven Seas Food Festival this year at SeaWorld Orlando. From past favorites to all-new choices, it’s a festival you won’t want to miss. Check out our favorite items below and where to find them! Festival Map and Full Menu.

Best Desert: Italian Cannoli
Starting it off with a sweet, the Cannoli surprised us with its authentic taste and pistachio crumbs on the edges. With mascarpone vanilla cream, cherry, and the pistachio crumbs, this is our favorite dessert at the festival! Find it at BOOTH 11, Italian Market.

Filling and Delicious: Bratwurst 
Smoked bacon and cheddar brat, pretzel bun, and sauerkraut served with beer-infused cheese. One of our favorite items because it’s delicious and filling! Find it at BOOTH 20, the German Market.

Best Protein: Moroccan Grilled Lamb Chop 
Boursin whipped mashed potatoes served with tzatziki sauce, and micro celery garnish. Everything about this dish was excellent. Great mash, and incredibly cooked, tasty Lamb Chop. While a smaller portion than some other items, it could truly be the most delicious item we tried at the festival. Find it at BOOTH 14, The Mediterranean Market.

Best Vegetarian Option: Impossible Jambalaya 
With kidney beans, roasted red peppers, mirepoix, and cajun broth, this an item that everyone will love, vegetarian or not. Find it at BOOTH 22, Gulf Coast Market.

Best Sit-Down Option: Sharks Underwater Grill Limited-Time Specials
While not included on the punch card, the two entrees available during the festival at Sharks Underwater Grill are very good options if you decide to sit down to dine. We recommend both the appetizer and Entree. Lobster and Shrimp Cake: from the Caribbean Sea, with Caribbean Remoulade, Salsa Verde & Rainbow Greens Salad. And the Chicken and Shrimp Tagine: from the Mediterranean Sea. It is a succulent, slow-cooked, grilled chicken and shrimp tagine with a light stew of vegetables basted in aromatic Mediterranean spices served with jasmine rice. Find it at Sharks Underwater Grill!

All the food options are worth trying at the festival, so make sure to try something you’ve never had before! That’s what’s so great about the Seven Seas Food Festival.

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