Kennywood puts a new spin on an old ride and gives new life to areas of the park. 


Kennywood, a park nestled in the middle of the big city of Pittsburgh is finding new life in older areas of the park. We were lucky enough to go for a visit recently to check out some of these changes and refurbishments being done before opening day.

With the removal of Volcano – a beloved older flat ride from Kennywood people wondered what may be coming next. Recently we took a visit to the park with just a little more than a month left before opening to see what was replacing this classic and check out some other improvements in the park.

Volcano was an old Enterprise flat ride by the German manufacturer Huss. Guests sat in a cage that spun and eventually the wheel would lift off the ground – providing a strange set of forces on the rider as the cars straighten out to go in a full circle. The ride closed in 2020. 

Now the area is getting new life; and what many would say is a spiritual living on of the style of ride volcano was: this new ride built by Zamperla is very similar – except that the rider is in an individual seat instead of a small enclosed car. 

This new attraction will open Memorial Day and bring a thrilling new spin on the classic. 

There are a few other additions to the park this year: 

Pizza Warehouse has gotten a fresh new look with a gorgeous mural by Mindys Murals – she also did the mural for the new Spinvasion ride as well.

1898 Coffee Co is a brand new coffee shop located near the front of the park to help get your day started.

Pagoda got a makeover showing it’s fire side and blizzard side a little more clearly adding a clean new appearance.

Lastly Swingshot – the giant power swing got a nice coat of paint to give it new life as well!

Kennywood opens in less than a month – on Saturday April 22, with the new ride opening Memorial Weekend. The park will be looking fresh and clean with this multitude of upgrades, and we can’t wait for a visit this season!

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